Steve is unique in the sense that he holds a space of equanimity. His calm and open minded attitude allows for a very comfortable working environment whereby I was able to give some input and I felt totally comfortable showing my true self for the camera.

Maxime Duterloo

Yoga Instructor

Shooting with Steve was such an organic process that I was hardly aware that he was taking photos. This allowed me to feel so natural and relaxed that I believe we made some very authentic images.

Abi Hubbard


It was an absolute pleasure working with Steve. Not only he is a very skillful photographer that produces gorgeous and unique photos, but he is a lovely person and a joy to be around.

Litha Bachhi


Thank you Steve. Unobtrusively ever present, your camera capturing precious, private moments of actors and crew. You provided the most moving and truthful documentation – your Photograph Book provided a story of what the play could not – the magic of the cherished ordinary backstage.

Tanya Myers

Director, Meeting Ground Theatre

I love the way you shoot Steve, you’ve got the speed and flexibility of a monkey, bending and twisting- anything that gets the shot…ha ha…seriously…it’s great.

Craig Smith

Landlord, The Four Bells Woodborough

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Nottingham, Birmingham Photography

Offering services as a photographer/videographer in Birmingham, Nottingham and centrally based in the UK.


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