Hotel Photography- how do I do it?

I look for what truly represents each individual hotel. As a photographer I seek out the theme and view with the audience in mind. How the design, build, structure, style and service is delivered. As far as shots go it’s important to get a view of size and proportion where possible but not at the expense of the mood and ambience; these subtle factors can get lost with only wide angle views; the adage being less gives more seems appropriate. These give the viewer a more intimate view of what to expect.

Every architect has a vision, as does every designer, I look at how these themes interact and how one compliments the other. Often this is best captured in an abstract fashion. The photography instilling the concept from start to finish and where these two aspects meet.

The images below have been taken with a Canon 5D mk 2, Canon TS-E 24mm f3.5 Lens, Canon TS-E 45mm f/2.8 and in places a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM. Most are taken with natural light, some bracketed, some lit; all factors are variable according to requirement, time, budget, environment.

Hotel Molitor

Langar Hall

Saint James Paris

Hotel du Palais Royal

My personal experience of hotels devloped on days or often months on the road either touring in the music industry or as a freelance camera assistant in television; I slept in a variety of circumstances, anything from a sleeping bag on a Turkish military air base to a suite with a private beach. Whatever wherever, after a twelve hour day or when you feel like you’ve been up for days nothing can beat crisp linen sheets and room service, these become the bare essentials, or those most desired at least.

Those days are long gone but my appreciation for an exceptional hotel away from home hasn’t. I don’t miss those months away but I cherish moments when a hotel  is so good you’d rather not leave. With the hotels I’ve photographed on this page this should be easy to see why, what can’t be passed on is the high level of service each has. No problem too much and every need catered for. They each have it all.

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